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A good arm care program must coincide with a proper strength and conditioning program.

The Off-Season phase of training is now moving behind us with the season starting very shortly. We are excited to see how the gains you’ve made during the long off-season can be translated to the field during competition.

We understand that once March hits, your brain t...

An athlete must possess certain qualities and skills to be successful. These qualities and skills are highly trainable, and this is why sports performance training is the way to spend your offseason.

Some athletic qualities include, sprinting, jumping, absorbing forces,...

To further understand the purpose of power production, its important to look at the Force-Velocity Curve and Absolute Strength-Absolute Speed Continuum

“Process goals will yield greater outcomes”

It’s that time of year folks…the END of the year! At Infiniti Sports Performance, we hope you have reached every goal that you set out for yourself. Now it is time to start thinking about new goals when moving deeper into the...

Fall ball and a long summer of competition is coming to an end, and I know a lot of you athletes are wondering what to do with your time now.

Allow me to make a suggestion….


Now that it is the beginning of the off-season, let’s consider some variables:

  1. ...

Oh boy, here we go again with all the weighted baseball stuff…

But, seriously, are you educated yet? Probably not. There is so much more research needed to fully understand everything there is about weighted baseballs.

So far, here is some of what we do know in a quick s...

March 14, 2017

Proper In-Season and Off-Season Training for Baseball Players

Infiniti’s own Russ Taveras had a chance to be featured on aXcess Baseball’s Weekly. Russ was able to discuss proper off-season and in-season training for baseball players with Vinny Messana and Mike Guido of...

November 26, 2016

Main Points:

  • in just three months, while playing a sport, you can lose more than 50% of your off-season strength and power gains

  • in-season strength training prevents this loss of strength and power

  • the volume of intense training reduces and recov...

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October 4, 2018

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