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F.I.T. KidZ 

Infiniti Performance welcomes all children ages (8-11) to join in their F.I.T. KIDZ sessions, and start having fun while being active! Our KIDZ are enjoying the benefits of our scientifically-proven programs while enjoying themselves. See our KIDZ developing life-long skills, and learning the value of proper exercise in a safe, positive, educational environment. Let your kids become join F.I.T. KIDZ!

Fun Instructional Training For Kids
Laying the Mental Foundation 

  • Character Development

  • Build Work Ethic

Development of Training Knowledge

  • Theory and Terminology

  • Instilling a healthy Lifestyle

Athletic Development 

  • Establish Core Strength and Flexibility

  • Development of Motor Skills and Movement

  • Strength Training and Preparation through the utilization of body weight exercises and basic weight lifting skills

  • Institute Speed, Plyometric & Conditioning Bases

F.I.T. Kidz Can expect

  • improved physical fitness levels

  • heightened self esteem and confidence

  • improved speed and agility

  • enhanced balance and athletic posture

  • improved self discipline

  • expert instructions from qualified professionals 

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