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The Tactical Strength and Conditioning program was designed for Tactical Athletes including military forces, fire & rescue personnel, law enforcement, special operations, and emergency first responders.

  • Tactical Athletes face unusual, unknown, and unexpected challenges as conditions, terrains, and situations are always in flux. This requires a unique set of physical skills in order to succeed and, sometimes, survive.


  • Tactical Athletes do not have the luxury of a proper warm-up, and often operate in conditions lacking critical resources such as; time, vision, equipment, and personnel.


  • Tactical Operations rely heavily on superior training, communication, and comraderie.  

Infiniti’s TSAC program aims to develop physical and mental preparedness for a successful mission, rescue, or candidacy preparation

  • Bulletproof the body for the unknown rigors of an emergency.

  • Optimize Physical Capacity & Preparedness.

  • Confidence in team/personal skill set.

  • Significant reduction of “Line of Duty” injuries.

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