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The RECOVERY SERIES is an essential component to training and follows proven protocols that facilitate recovery. Maximal progress in any training program is jeopardized without adequate recovery. This program returns balance to the fatigued body and enhances the athlete’s response to the training stimulus while in-season. Movements in these sessions focus on muscular tension release techniques utilizing foam rolls, trigger point therapy, sports yoga, manual therapy, etc. These strategies will help you re-establish the length-tension relationship with your muscles, break up any adhesions/knots, reduce stiffness, and increase circulation to flush body systems and re-energize the athlete for the next training session or competitive day.


Our IN-SEASON PITCHER PROGRAM is designed to facilitate and expedite the recovery process of the pitcher. We urge all pitchers to participate in this training program within a 24-hour window of their pitching outing. The “recovery” aspect is even more critical, given that many amateur pitchers play another position in the days following their pitching appearance. Each athlete will receive the professional attention typically afforded to only pitchers of the major college, and professional ranks.



  • Reduce Injury Potential

  • Enhance Blood Flow to Muscles

  • Expedite Muscle Recovery

  • Maintain Flexibility / Mobility

  • Alleviate Post-Pitching Soreness

  • Sustain Peak Performance Levels

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