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Youth athletes that qualify for this program can adequately demonstrate: 


  1. sound fundamental physical attributes 

  2. the ability to focus well on the task at hand, and heed instruction  

These athletes have developed a baseline of athletic physical literacy and an understanding of the connection/purpose of why athletes train for specific outcomes.  The goal of this long-term athletic development model is to provide a progression of athletic development by identifying gaps and offering guidelines for movement problem solving, improving performance, and outlining the framework of physical literacy for competitive athletes. 

 Some of these athletes have had some level of previous training and/or graduates of Infiniti’s F.I.T. KidZ  program.



  • Advancement of Youth Athlete Physical Literacy 

  • Decrease susceptibility to Injury

  • Specific training theme of the day is introduced and implemented at each session to ensure a “goal-oriented” training experience.  


*As a pre-requisite, a potential registrant must participate in one (1) Private Training Session.

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