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What Does Our #ISPfamily Have To Say?

I started working with Russ when I was 14 years-old, and have not stopped. I credit him with so much of what I have been able to accomplish. Every year, we set different goals and then got to work on getting it done. My workouts are always unique and he always make sure my body and arm don’t break down

Marcus Stroman: Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays

"I have found that the programs being implemented at Infiniti Performance are very much in tune with the latest training methods and how they apply to baseball. The pitchers that I am working with are making huge gains in their levels of performance and ability to sustain strength throughout the season".

Paul Gibson: Former MLB Pitcher, Current KC Royal National Crosschecker

"I encourage all my pitchers to participate in their off-season and in-season training program. They know how to increase athletic performance and strength while maintaining the flexibility needed to be effective."

Neal Heaton, Former Major League Pitcher, Pitching Coach

Just came home from my last session with you before leaving for spring training in Arizona, and I have to say I feel stronger and more athletic than ever! Thank you so much for the guidance and pushing the right buttons. I’ll be back in the fall with the other guys.

Bruce Kern: Pitcher, Colorado Rockies Organization

Russ you are the best! I am only a few weeks into the season here, but some of the other girls are dying by the end of our matches…and I am going strong! Thanks so much for converting my workouts from soccer to rowing. See you when I get back in the summer.

Rebecca Foscolo: Crew, Sacred Heart University

"The idea of any type of athletic training for a 8 year-old never crossed my mind. Once I was introduced to Infiniti's F.I.T. KidZ program for younger children, I immediately knew this was something we could benefit from long term. My son simply loves his class, and each week he is challenged in various ways. Most importantly, the trainers make it fun as well as educational."


Christine Contino, Parent

When it comes to a workout facility, or a place that trains athletes from all different sports, there’s just no comparison, It’s just hands-down the best. “All the guys that work there are good guys; you could sit down and talk to them about anything. “It’s fun, too, because you’re working out with guys you’ve played with as kids, and you’re catching up. You’re not just sweating; you’re hanging out and laughing.

Matt Vogel, Pitcher, Tampa Rays Organization

                           “I started here n 2007, my sophomore year of high school.  I wanted to perform at the highest level but I needed to become stronger and more powerful. became a pro pretty much because of these guys.”

Jimmy Mulligan: Professional Soccer Player, NY Cosmos

Ray, and Russ are top notch in the training industry. I couldn't imagine a better place to train in the offseason! They have kept me on the field for every game since I started training with them in 2015. Whether it's in-season or off-season, they are there to help and I can't thank them enough!

Kyle McGowin: Pitcher, Washington Nationals Organization

                         “I’ve been training at Infiniti since I was a sophomore in high school. Very few people have the knowledge and passion that Russ and the staff at Infiniti have. They’ve helped me battle through injury, become faster, stronger, and an overall better athlete!”

Carly Tellekamp, Attack / Towson Women’s Lacrosse

I first trained at Infiniti back in high school my senior year, and when playing professionally became a reality for me I returned prior to my last year in college. I have stayed with them since every off-season. Great environment, and it is easy to communicate my needs, and what I am feeling on the court so that they can adapt  my program.”


Evan Maxwell, Forward / Professional Basketball (Europe)

“I try to get here every day when I’m home,  if not every other day. The ability to work on speed and strength in the same place and session is great, not to mention that these guys really care about their athletes. They stay open late for me when necessary, make sure I am not overtraining, etc.   I have learned so much about training the right way for an athlete since I started there in high school, and will continue as far as my football career takes me.”

Nate Chavious, Running Back/Sacred Heart University

Infiniti not only helped me get to where I needed to be on the field, but also helped me get to a place where I was able to stand out in strength and conditioning. Each of my workouts were beyond sport-specific while also taking into consideration my Notre Dame workout program which I had to satisfy. Their scheduling was flexible and every single one of their staff was friendly and knowledgeable.  There is nowhere better for an athlete to prepare.

Stephanie Peragallo, Defense / Notre Dame Women’s Lacrosse

Shortly after taking over the program here in 2009, I brought Russ and his coaches in to handle our summer speed training. We saw a professional, well-conceived plan in their training sessions and most importantly my players were improving. A few years later we asked them to help with our off-season strength program and the it has been beneficial as well. As a program we are moving toward becoming engaged with Infiniti throughout the entire year.


Nick Lombardo, Head Football Coach / Lindenhurst High School

I came into Infiniti overweight, sluggish and I was a bench player on my junior varsity team as a 14 year old rising high school sophomore. After one off season at Infiniti,  I won 7 games on a top varsity program. After 3 off seasons and sessions 4 times a week I was selected in the 2017 MLB draft. There is no way I could have done any of this without Infiniti Performance. I became physically stronger and more flexible by way of an array of baseball related strength and agility movements and exercises that I have not seen anywhere besides at the professional ranks. Nobody has ever pushed me as hard and has wanted to see me succeed as much as Russ and the rest of the crew. Infiniti is definitely the best environment if your goal is reaching your full potential. ISP FAMILY!!            



Ben Brown, Pitcher / Philadelphia Phillies Organization

Infiniti Performance has provided me with an unbelievable environment and program to help me be the best player I could be over the  past few years. Bringing together the best players on Long Island to work out with an awesome staff, with Russ and Ray taking care of each person’s needs was awesome to be around.
The specificity of the workouts, and hands on approach is something that every type of athlete in every sport can use to develop. Best place around!



  Jesse Berardi, Shortstop / Cleveland Indians Organization

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