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Infiniti sports performance team training



Impact team training that helps teams develop overall athleticism in order to gain that “competitive edge” on the field. Whether your team needs to develop Explosive Speed & Agility, Total Body Strength & Conditioning, or Sport-Specific Power…Infiniti Sports Performance will develop a training roadmap to prepare your team! We understand that a team is only as good as its parts. Infiniti’s Performance trainers will facilitate the team’s overall athletic capacity while building team camaraderie. Coaches who have had their teams in our program have shared with us, how their team developed improved chemistry and a team-wide work ethic.


Team Training is an effective and cost-efficient method of introducing an assembly of athletes to sport-specific training. We want to be partners in player development NOT just a place for the players to work out. Our trainers will teach your athletes how to train properly, motivate them to train hard and put together a team training plan that ensures they also train smart. We also allow and encourage team coaches to join their teams on the floor for purposes of their own education.

  • Team Oriented Approach

  • Competitive, Educational, & Fun Environment

  • Extremely Cost-Efficient

  • Educational Component for Coaching Staff

  • Year-Round Resource for Players & Coaching Staff

ISP Team Training Programs are the secret weapon for elite level teams and organizations to give teams an opportunity to gain a competitive edge over the competition. Whether you are looking to help your players prepare during the OFF- SEASON, or compliment your IN-SEASON schedule, while aiding in your athlete’s recovery, ISP is the place to do it!

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