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Finish the Off-Season Like a Boss!!!

Every winter we get hundreds of athletes who embark on an empowering journey towards athletic performance enhancement. The journey typically begins in November or December and extends to March (for our spring athletes). This four month time span can go one of three ways: you can become the best athlete you have ever been, you can stay the same, or you can let your prior efforts wither away. Obviously, we pride ourselves in taking every client we have and inspiring them to achieve their peak athletic potential. As we enter the month of February it is easy to rest on the results achieved over the past few months. It is easy to ride the current level of your athletic gains into the tryouts and competitions of the spring. The easy road, however, is not the road taken by the greatest achievers. It is not the path chosen by the athletes that achieve glory and victory. These athletes decide to dig deeper into their reservoirs of motivation and inspiration. These athletes decide to increase their intensity and elevate their efforts. These athletes will be reaping their rewards in the form of higher batting averages, more goals scored personal record times, and higher accolades at the end of the season. Will you be one of these athletes?

Don’t Fall Victim to Winter Doldrums!

Not only is February one of the most important months, it is also one of the most exciting and creative months. February signifies a transition of your current strength and power gains into sports specific power and skill. This month you will begin to channel all of your efforts towards the very goal you have set out from the beginning: peak athletic performance. As a trainer, I can personally attest to February being one of my favorite months to train athletes. February demands the highest levels of attention and creativity to connect all of the dots we have been laying out for you as our clients. While our professional baseball players leave for warm weather in Arizona, and Florida, and flee from the harsh northeast weather of February, you are still trudging through the slush, and snow to train under the fluorescent lighting of our facility. Soon enough, you will be standing on the diamonds, fields and tracks that inspire you so. Now is not the time to “go through the motions”, or skip a training session. This is the time to FINISH what you started! Take pride in knowing that you are almost there and if you buckle down right now you WILL get there.

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