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Position Player Performance Project (P4)

From a research standpoint, there are a lot of fascinating studies coming out looking at everything about pitching. Thankfully, the new technologies that we have in the higher ranks of baseball are allowing strength and conditioning coaches to tap into the inner genetics of these freakish athletes on the bump.

However, there is not nearly as much research on the hitter. At most of the performance training facilities on the island, there are zero programs to create monstrous hitters. Until NOW!

The Position Player Performance Project (P4) is an all-inclusive performance program that allows the hitter to get their rips and reps in the cage and the gym.

We want to create and polish out hitters to become exceptional in the necessary tools for hitting: strength, power, quickness/reactiveness, and hand-eye coordination.


Research shows that the elite hitter does require a certain amount of upper body strength. The 1-RM Bench Press is the most popular strength test used for the upper body. However, does it correlate to bat speed?

One study [1] found that the 1-RM Bench Press does not correlate to muscle power exertion in hitters. This is because the two movements involve two different movement velocities.

However, if you're a player who requires a good amount of upper body strength, then we should first attack that weakness before worrying about how fast your bat speed is.

Not only has it been suggested that power hitters are superior in absolute strength, but these same hitters are able to exert this strength in a small window of time in relation to their bodyweight.