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Weighted Ball Throwing: An Advanced Training Tool

Another year, another chance to get better. At Infiniti Sports Performance, we highly encourage most of our baseball athletes to put a baseball down once October hits.

However, the baseball culture still pushes playing fall ball, which is highly unfortunate. My question is, for what reason?

At the end of every summer season, your arm has a bunch of mileage on it with not a lot of maintenance performed on it. You LOSE mobility in your throwing arm AND you usually see a dip in velocity.

So, if you didn't throw a lot during the summer season, then keep throwing so you can add onto the chronic workload of your arm. If you DID throw a lot, and you're part of that example that already lost mobility, velocity, and strength in your arm, do you really think you should be showcasing yourself?

With that being said, hopefully you at least took a few weeks off from throwing. When the body is broken down from a long season, don't mope and feel sorry for yourself. Rather, look at this stage as a new opportunity to grow and build on what you presented this past season.

This brings me into the weighted baseball discussion. We see time and time again kids wanting that acute spike in throwing velocity so that they can showcase themselves in front of college coaches. That acute spike in throwing velocity usually comes from unsupervised weighted baseball throwing.

We developed the VELOBOOST program from current research and our knowledge base on the topic. What we DO know, is that strength is the foundation for all athletic qualities. If you are not strong, you will be left behind.

Yes, some of us can throw weighted baseballs and see tremendous benefits from it.