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The 2-Week Taper: In-Season Considerations

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Why Less is More at the Beginning of the High School Baseball Season

Phew. This off-season FLEW by. I can't believe it's March already!

I've seen endless amounts of PR's and goals crushed on the weekly at Infiniti Sports Performance. I absolutely cannot wait to see these athletes compete on the field this Spring so they can see that all of their hard work allowed them to excel on the field.

I'm also absolutely thrilled that there are a lot of athletes still training during the season...I think it's because they "get it". When I asked about their in-season plan, they immediately went to "Jarad, I don't know how I can't not come to the gym...I have to get here at least once" or something along those lines.

However, during the first 2 weeks of the season, we should be tapering or "cutting down" on what we do in the weight room. Here are a few reasons why, and these will be followed by what to expect during the season when it comes to training.

  1. Coaches absolutely abuse the whole running thing during tryouts

When a program has a lot of kids that try out, somewhere upwards of 40 athletes, it makes it easier to make kids want to quit. How do they do that?

Run, run, run, more running, endless running, and last but not least, more running.