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Down to the Core: How to Create Pillar Core Strength

We all had a moment in our training career where we felt great after a training session. But then all of a sudden, the next day we experience some sort of pain. Speaking from experience, I know how frustrating this feels like. We start to analyze, "where could this pain be coming from? I don't remember doing anything too crazy to experience this pain?"

As you are sitting here reading this article, you might be experiencing some pain. The pain could either be coming from your lower back, your hamstrings, whatever the case may be.

What if I were to tell you that this pain you were experiencing could possibly be coming from a lack of core strength/stability.

My what, you may ask?

Your core. When I ask athletes in the initial evaluation, "show me where your core is", do you know where 99% of them point to? The stomach.

Great, you're on the right track. But that's not the whole thing!

Let's go over what the core truly is, and why a lack in core strength and stability during training can result in an experience of pain.