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"Have a nice trip, see you next Fall"

Fall ball and a long summer of competition is coming to an end, and I know a lot of you athletes are wondering what to do with your time now.

Allow me to make a suggestion….


Now that it is the beginning of the off-season, let’s consider some variables:

  1. Your body needs a break from playing your sport competitively. Let it happen.

  2. Work on your specific needs (mobility concerns, attacking weaknesses, etc.)

  3. Assess and evaluate where you are in the fitness-fatigue paradigm. Are you a high performance race car, or are you a dump truck at this point in time?

  4. Time to set NEW goals for the off-season and the upcoming season.

Let’s dive into these variables one-by-one.

General Physical Preparation (GPP)

After a long summer season, your body is surely thanking you from taking time off (including your arm for you baseball folk).

This phase of your training scheme will focus on regeneration of your tissue and essential mobility which allows the body to fully recover so that it can handle higher forces come the later months. We call this General Physical Preparation.

Part of our job as Performance Coaches is to reduce the likelihood of injury. That being said, the last thing we would want to do from a training standpoint is mimic the motions of your sport. This is why it is called a “general” phase.

Attacking Weaknesses

Rather than just focusing on getting stronger at this time during the training year, we want to start addressing and