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SMART Goals for Quicker Results

“Process goals will yield greater outcomes”

It’s that time of year folks…the END of the year! At Infiniti Sports Performance, we hope you have reached every goal that you set out for yourself. Now it is time to start thinking about new goals when moving deeper into the offseason.

I ask a lot of the athletes here at ISP one simple question, “What are your new goals for this offseason?” I either get a solid answer or a blank stare. Hopefully we can answer with the former, not to latter.

This lead me to developing the Athletic Achievement Board here at ISP. Although it may only look like a board where we write stuff down, it is a lot more powerful than that. We want to teach our athletes how to set goals, and most importantly how to ATTACK them!

The simplest approach to goal setting is using the SMART technique. Each letter represents a different aspect to goal setting. Let’s dive into each one.


This is the most important part of goal setting because if you don’t know what you want to achieve, then it makes it harder on the athlete and the coach. Whether it be a training goal or a performance goal, we should be specific in what we want to achieve.

For example, you want to become more explosive, you want to lose weight, you want to turn warning track bombs into nukes, or you want to become an All-County player.

To become aware of what your goal is, WRITE IT DOWN and TELL OTHERS! This is a very simple step, but often a step that a lot of people skip out on.

In another example, if your goal is to lose weight, eating fast food will impede you from achieving this goal. Once we know what your goal is, we can really help you attack it from multiple angles.