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Syncing & Linking Athletic Performance

How Average Lifters Become Great Athletes…


From 60’6” away, a pitcher who effortlessly slings a 99 mph deceptive fastball that paints the corner of the plate.

A boxer who intuitively slips punches at will and delivers a devastating counter punch that cripples his opponent.

A running back who initiates contact and simultaneously spins off to escape the clutches of a tackler and accelerates without any loss of momentum.

A point guard attacks the lane off his dribble, smothered by a defender, and stops on a dime to drain a step back pull-up jumper with a hand in his face.

A downhill skier racing down the face of a mountain at ungodly speeds, while flawlessly carving the course with poise and grace.

What does each of these scenarios demonstrate? What’s the common denominator?

They are all expert movers!